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Arena[edit | edit source]

The arena is a place where you can prove your strength. It is possible to combat certain groups of players through matching, such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4. It has a ranking according to the honor points accumulation and winning rate according to the grade.


Accessing the Arena[edit | edit source]

  • Level 40 or higher is necessary to enter the arena.
Arena2.png The arena access information is displayed at the top right of the screen.
Arena 3.png When clicking the Arena icon, matching pop-up is shown. Re-confirm your participation and you will be matched with similar level players.
Arena8.png Once a match is found, players need to accept the battle to enter the arena and start playing.
Arena4.png When entering the arena, players will be placed in teams (Ignis and Matris) respectively. Thereafter, a waiting time of 10 seconds is given so players can check and change their equipment before the match starts.
After the wait time is over, the door of the arena opens and the battle starts with a 3 minutes timer.
Equipment can be changed after the waiting time, but be careful because it can be defenseless.
Also, items such as potions cannot be used in the arena.

Arena Fighting[edit | edit source]

  • Arena progress takes 3 minutes. If the opponent is eliminated within 3 minutes, the winner will be determined. However, if the winner or loser is not dead, the win or loss will be determined according to the number of damage.

How to cancel the matchmaking[edit | edit source]

  • If you want to cancel matchmaking, click on the icon on the left of the mini-map.


  • If matchmaking is canceled, the "deserter" tag would be given and another match couldn't be searched for 30 minutes.


Inside the Arena[edit | edit source]


  1. You can check the status of each team, the number of players remaining, and the time until the end of the battle.
  2. Each Arena map has this kind of trap that deals big damage, so be careful and use it wise.
  3. In the arena, a dedicated mini-map is created that allows you to see the entire arena and rapidly locate the opponent.

At the end of the duel, you can check whether your team wins or loses or the achievements of each character through the scoreboard.

6v6 Arena[edit | edit source]

The goal of this type of arena, is to win by destroying the most possible quantity of objectives in the opponent's side of the map; if the last objective is destroyed on time, then that player wins.

6v6 1.png 6v6.png 6v6 2.png

Accessing the Arena[edit | edit source]

6v6 icon.png The arena access information is displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • Level 50 is necessary to enter the arena.
  • The queue process is the exact same as the other arenas.
  • There should be 6 players per team.

Victory conditions[edit | edit source]

  • If you destroy the enemy Guardian NPC.
  • If the opponent surrenders.
  • If by the time limit (30 minutes) your Guardian NPC HP is higher than the opponents one.
  • In case the time limit is reached and both Guardian NPCs HP are the same, the (W / L) is determined by the following rules:
    • Side that killed more enemies.
    • Side with more player kills.
    • Side that killed more minions.
    • Side with more structures.

Inside the Arena[edit | edit source]

6vs6 map.png

  • Player must destroy the enemy turrets with their minions in order to advance and reach the enemy Guardian.
  • Capturing the Gates of Dimension will spawn Bombers and Destroyers that will help the player to destroy the structures faster.