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Achievements & titles[edit | edit source]

  • When certain conditions are met, such as dealing with a specific monster, performing a quest, exploring an area that is hidden, You will earn the 'achievement' related to it.
  • Achievements give various rewards such as accomplishment, title, etc. depending on the difficulty level and type of accomplishment.
  • You can also get achievements that give you the potential to be able to change to your elite lord form.

Achievement & title.png

  1. Achievements by category.
  2. Overall Achievement Progress.
  3. Achievement's names.
  4. Achievement information and acquisition method
  5. Show the reward you will have when you complete the achievement

  • Achievements obtained are marked as active with light brown, and achievements that are not achieved are marked inactive with dark brown.

Achievement & title 2.png

  • If the achievement is complete, a reward will open at the bottom right of the achievement (Achievements with rewards only).

Achievement & title 3.png

  • If you click on the Reward,  You can earn rewards such as [Title, potential, gold, item]

Achievement & title 4.png

  • In Military Tara, you can set a title that can represent you in addition to your nickname.
  • They are automatically acquired and some titles sometimes give unique abilities.

Achievement & title 5.png

  1. Display of progress information.
  2. List of title obtained.
  3. Title information and method of acquisition.

Achievement & title 6.png

  • Titles are divided into different colors according to their grades (same color as the item grade).
  • When a title is applied, the chadacrer information shown is also colored according to its unique rating.

  • You can choose to display or not your title by checking the "Show Title" option in Game Options -> Screen Display -> My Character.

Achievement & title 7.png

Safe of Honor[edit | edit source]

  • There is a store in the town of 'Baratan Fortress', which sells keys to Safe of Honor.
  • You can open a safe with the keys of the honorary safe, that also has rewards in it.
  • There is a difference in the amount that can be gained by each safe, and in some cases, opening the safe may fail.
  • In case of Success you will be able to acquire the whole amount raised.

How to use the Safe of Honor[edit | edit source]

The safe of honor is located in the center of town. You can find the statue of 'Epheia's Hope' in the village and click on it.
Safe of Honor.png

Safe of Honor 2.png

Safe of Honor 3.png
You can try opening the vault after purchasing the key to Safe of Honor.

Safe of Honor interface[edit | edit source]

Safe of Honor interface.png

  • You will have 10 seconds to open the safe by selecting one of the five safes.
  • If you exceed the time, you will not receive any compensation, so, you need to make a careful choice.

Safe of Honor 4.png

  1. Success (collect all sums raised).
  2. Gold Compensation.
  3. Key breakage (failure).

Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • You can learn to make production through the manufacturer traders in town.
  • The character can acquire a skill of each category such as [weapon], [armor], [Accesories], [Alchemist], etc., but all the production skills can be acquired, at a stage of growth, it is advantageous to learn by choosing a production category that is helpful.

Manufacturers[edit | edit source]


Production Interface[edit | edit source]

  • In the production interface screen, items that can be produced depending on what technique is learned, the items that can be made according to each manufacturer trader are different.


  1. You can see the list of production items by selecting level, grade, and craftable items.
  2. Production skill.
  3. Shows the kind of items you can make.
  4. Increasing the production skills costs gold.
  5. Shows a list of items that can be produced.
  6. Shows information of the item to be produced.
  7. You can check the production cost and adjust the quantity to be produced at once.

Trading Agent[edit | edit source]

Trading agent.png

  1. You can reset the search field to enter the name of the item you are looking for and any search values you have set.
  2. Grade Setting:
    • Level: Specify the level range to be searched.
    • Show only equippable items.
    • Rarity: Normal / Magic / Rare / Unique / Legend-rated items to specify the rating. 
  3. Detailed Settings:
    • Search Target: Specify the search target of the category; weapon, Armor, Pet Egg, etc.
    • Option Search: Search by specifying options for the equipment you need, Critical hit, Hit rate, etc. 
  4. Display a list of items matching the search condition.
  5. Purchase the selected item.

Trading agent 1.png Trading agents are located in each village and, will be displayed with the same icon as the one displayed on the left.

How to register items[edit | edit source]

  • You can register your own items for sale.
  • Up to 10 products can be registered and the price of the products can be managed from the settlement menu.

Trading agent 3.PNG

  1. The item will be registered when you right-click on it on the inventory or drag and drop it in the item registration space.
    If you right-click on the registered item icon, it returns to the inventory.
  2. Sale Price:
    • Sale Price: Enter the price for each item to be sold. Only game money can be entered.
    • Total Sale Price: Automatically displays the total sale price of items to be sold.
  3. Average/Minimum Price
    • Average Price: Shows the average price for the same item that you want to sell registered in the trading agency.
    • Minimum price: It shows the minimum price for the same item that you want to sell registered in the Trading Agency.
  4. Sales Period/Sales Fee/Deposit
    • Sales Period: Sale period is by default 3 days.
    • Sales Fee: The sale fee on the items you want to sell. When the sale is completed, the fee will be paid.
      The sales fee is 10% of the sales value.
    • Deposit: This is a deposit for registering the item. When the sale is completed, the deposit will be refunded.
      If the item is not sold through expiration/withdrawal, the deposit can not be refunded.
  5. Registration/Cancellation
    • Registration: Register the items with the set sales price.
    • Cancel: Cancel the registration of items.
  6. Update the list of registered items.
  7. You can check the list of registered items and collect items individually.
  8. You can collect all the registered items.


  1. You can settle the items individually.
  2. You can settle the items at once.

Option Convertion[edit | edit source]

  • Option conversion is a way to change random options given to acquired items.
  • The options are [Option 1], which gives additional abilities, and [Option 2], which increases the skill level.

Option conversion.png

  1. Right click on the item you want to change the option or skill.
  2. First Option Change Order:
    You will register the "Stat Option Change Scroll" when you right-click it within the inventory.
  3. Secondary Option Change Order:
    You will register the "Skill Option Change Scroll" when you right-click it within the inventory.

Option conversion 2.png

  • The options changes randomly.
  • After registering the item, the ability value of the existing item (random option) is displayed on the option conversion window.

Option conversion 3.png

  • Secondary skill option changes item to random option.
  • After registering the item, the ability value of the existing item (random option) is displayed on the option conversion window 

Option conversion 4.png]

  • You can easily find NPC 'Otion' <Option Changing Artisan>, at the north side of Baratan Fortress.

Sockets and Jewels[edit | edit source]

Socket Worker[edit | edit source]

  • The majority of the items are labeled as [Socket crafting available].
  • This weapon is an item that can give additional ability through a "Jewel".
  • With these items, you can add [Attribute Boost], which increases the stats after drilling the socket through [Socket Crafter] in each village.
Socket Worker.png Some items can be socketed, like the left one, where [Socket crafting available] is specified.

Socket Interface[edit | edit source]

Socket Interface.png

  1. Target Item: Place the target item to drill a socket.
  2. Socket Status: It shows the status of the current socket, and when the [Socket drill] is done, all sockets are opened.
  3. Socket crafting cost: The cost for drilling a socket.

Socket Interface 2.png Once the socket has been drilled, You can register a property jewel. 

Socket Interface 3.png When the Install Jewel window is opened, it shows the sockets opened where you can insert a jewel.

Socket Interface 4.png

Socket Interface 5.png
Socket Crafter "Ita" can be found with craftsmen located at north of Baratan Fortress.

Jewel Information[edit | edit source]

Jewel Information.png
  • There are a total of 10 crystals in Military Tara.
  • Each crystal can be used in weapons, armor, etc.

Jewel Information 2.png
  1. Jewel name, level and type of item.
  2. Indicates the available classes.
  3. Indicates the number of abilities that can be used and the number of duplicates of each part.
  4. A detailed description of the jewel is provided.

Jewel Information 3.png
  • If you right-click two crystals of the same name and same grade, the following message will be displayed.
  • If you click the OK button, it will be synthesized as a top grade crystal.
    I.e., Reduction of boss damage level 1 + Reduction of boss damage level 1 = Reduction of boss damage level 2.

Jewel Information 4.png
  • In the same way as above, you can synthesize low-level crystals to create upper-level crystals.
  • In the case of upper level crystals, some have more potential than others.

Ranking[edit | edit source]

Rankings prove the strength of a player among other adventurers and provide a system for assigning ratings and rewards according to their credentials.

  • You can check the rankings via the 'Guardian of the Dimension' [NPC Grakan] in front of the station guild shots at Baratan Fortress.

Ranking Information 2.png

Ranking Interface[edit | edit source]

Ranking Interface.png

  1. Ranking Classification.
  2. Ranking information according to classification.
  3. Ranking classifications.
  4. Filter - search by job group, character name.
  5. Seasonal rewards.

  • You can see the seasonal rewards by rank.

Ranking Interface 2.png

  • Each class (Bronze - Legend) is divided up and the level of reward is determined according to the rank between seasons.

Bronze I - III
Silver I - III
Gold I - III
Platinum I - III
Diamond I - III
Master I - III
Legend Single Rank

Transcendence Level[edit | edit source]


  • This new system will allow you to enhance your character in 4 different aspects: Attack, Survival, Support and Knowledge.
  • Each of these 4 will allow you to upgrade 5 different attributes.